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Loscano wines are produced with a belief in the exceptional climactic and environmental characteristics with which we are blessed in Argentina. We’re passionately committed to crafting the most authentic wine possible. By minimally interfering in the process we let the wine speak for itself and Argentina.

The algarroba tree is native to our arid climate. Its roots run deep to find nourishment from underground streams. We leave them standing in our vineyards and their leaves offer shade in the midst of our toil. We take shelter from the sun under their spreading branches as we tend to the grapes and prune the vines.

Loscano represents resilience and strength fixed in the passion we have for family and our homeland.

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Our winemaking forefathers learned early that to survive in Argentina’s wild and untamed landscape required embracing—not conquering—it.

Planting some of the highest vineyards in the world, we have melded with our surroundings, and our vines are an expression of them. Far above sea level, our vines live and grow in an oasis climate overshadowed by the fierce Andes, surrounded by desert, and nourished deep underground by melting snow from the mountains above. Cold nights give way to scorching days. It is a struggle to survive, but this is what gives our grapes such unique character.

Loscano represents integration with nature—our grapes are naturally grown and minimally processed.

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Cafayate Valley, Salta

Loscano grapes are grown just outside the town of Cafayate at an elevation of 5,500–7,000+ feet above sea level. This region is famous for producing the world’s the best Torrentés grapes.

Agrelo, Lujàn de Cuyo, Mendoza

In Agrelo, Lujàn de Cuyo, a small winemaking town just outside of arid Mendoza, our grapes are grown with precision and are USDA certified organic. The grapes are picked and sorted by hand, receiving meticulous care from vineyard to winery.

Tupungato, West Valle de Uco, Mendoza

From another of Argentina’s most exciting valleys come some of our Cabernet and our Chardonnay grapes. Twenty miles southwest of Agrelo at an elevation of 4,000 feet, the alluvial soils and thermal amplitude of the Uco Valley provide ideal growing conditions for these varieties.